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Westside Dental in Syracuse, NY is a dental practice offering general dentistry, preventive dental care and dental surgery to improve and maintain the oral health of our patients. Our mission at Westside Dental is to bring quality dentistry with modern facilities to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds, including underserved communities.  

We provide general dental services with an emphasis on preventative dental care. We do our best to take care of your existing problems before they get worse and take appropriate steps to prevent future dental problems. If necessary, our dentists can refer you to a specialist while continuing to provide care for your ongoing dental needs. As a team effort with your cooperation, we can ensure better oral health.  

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Westside Dental
4658 Onondaga Blvd.
Syracuse, NY 13219


Fax: 315-442-1082 

Westside Dental
North Utica Shopping Center
50 Auert Ave.
Utica, NY 13502


Fax: 315.266.0126


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Monday to Friday
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